Jul 09 2007

now that I’ve turned to a puddle of pathetic under my desk…

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I do not like Thomas Hardy.

had BritLit.

had to read The Mayor of Casterbridgethere is a reason why I’m a medievalist. 19th cen. Naturalists don’t do it for me anywhere near like a lovely set of kennings. Really. (Yes, I know, I should have been an Anglo-Saxonist – I’ve heard it before..sod off)

I must, must own this audiobook.

One voice in the world sends my eyes rolling back in my head as I swoon.



In other news, I have discovered that listening to the Squirrel Nut Zippers at work makes me file like a maniac. Anything that can make filing happen is a good thing, this place is like a paper Hell’s Maw yawning, open and ready to swallow me in one gulp.

Jun 25 2007

i can has an anniversary

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14 years ago today.
like, whoah.

Jun 07 2007


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The Big Announcement

Busy. Office nutz. Home nutz (The Grandmother is back in the house), but back in the studio.
Clay good.

I have something to write for Avista. I need to actually post my Congress reflection ramblings (a month late .. yes, I know.) I need to update my online store and put a bunch of mugs and stuff up there. I also need to mow the lawn and do some gardening. HA!

I moved the furniture in my cubicle around. When in doubt, move furniture – I think it’s a gender issue. I’m still organizing, reorganizing, and looking around in amazement at just how much paper I need to stuff in this place. Sheesh. Must begin work on Director’s office…my 1337 organizing skillz in action. BwahahahahaHAHAHA! Poor man….

Apr 26 2007


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Endlessly behind. On keeping up with my favorite bloggers, on the 1,000,001 things I have to do, and, of course, on blogging (yeah, you haven’t noticed, admit it.) I think I need to read Seven ways to find the time to blog
and get a grip.
Of course, I also need to work out, eat right, parent my children with less volume, and give my house a thorough cleaning. And there’s the Congress paper that’s not currently writing itself. argh and ugh.

I hope their amps go to 11: Spinal Tap to reunite at Live Earth concert
We’ve got Armadillos in our trousers. It’s really quite frightening.

Archaeology world tour:
Bulgaria: Marble Phrygian Goddess Statue Discovered in Bulgaria
Hungary: Neolithic burial site yields unique archaeological find
Greece: 2 000-year-old tombs unearthed
Iran: Iran opens dam that archaeologists fear will harm famed Persepolis and other ancient sites

Apr 09 2007

YouTube + Geekery = Much Coolness

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Animated Bayeux Tapestry!

No really, go see it – it’s really well done!

Feb 16 2007

Ooooh astrolabe

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Feb 12 2007

Open it? Like this?

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