Jun 07 2007


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The Big Announcement

Busy. Office nutz. Home nutz (The Grandmother is back in the house), but back in the studio.
Clay good.

I have something to write for Avista. I need to actually post my Congress reflection ramblings (a month late .. yes, I know.) I need to update my online store and put a bunch of mugs and stuff up there. I also need to mow the lawn and do some gardening. HA!

I moved the furniture in my cubicle around. When in doubt, move furniture – I think it’s a gender issue. I’m still organizing, reorganizing, and looking around in amazement at just how much paper I need to stuff in this place. Sheesh. Must begin work on Director’s office…my 1337 organizing skillz in action. BwahahahahaHAHAHA! Poor man….

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