Dec 03 2007


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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Summer 2008 Research Seminar on Extreme Materialist Medieval Manuscript Studies at the University of Iowa, June 2-13, 2008. Director: Jonathan Wilcox.

UP TO 10 FELLOWSHIPS to participate in The University of Iowa Obermann Center for Advanced Studies 2008 Research Seminar in “Medieval Manuscript Studies and Contemporary Book Arts: Extreme Materialist Readings of Medieval Books,” June 2-13, 2008.

This seminar will bring together contemporary book artists specializing in medieval-inspired techniques of papermaking, bookbinding, and calligraphy, among others, with medievalists whose scholarship depends upon a knowledge of the intimate physical details of medieval manuscript production. Participants will bring to the seminar the draft of an unpublished essay that models extreme materialist readings of a medieval book as a case study that will be discussed by all of the seminar participants, each bringing his or her own expertise. Seminar participants will have access to papermaking, bookbinding, and scribal facilities for modeling some of the underlying issues. The seminar will result in an essay collection that will exemplify what can be achieved in the field of medieval manuscript studies through such extreme attentiveness to the material.

Deadline for application: Wednesday, January 30, 2008. Those participants selected to join the seminar will be offered a stipend of $1,500 along with expenses. For more information and application details, please see the attached flyer or visit the UI Obermann Center for Advanced Studies website at Direct any questions to Obermann Center Administrator, Neda Barrett ([email protected], 319-335-4034) or to Jonathan Wilcox ([email protected]).

Sep 18 2007

Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do..

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Academia + idiocy = … more in the way of embarrassment for WMU. Some days I just don’t know about this place, really — and this is my dear Alma Mater on top of owner of my soul (Congress just sublets the soul, technically speaking). What the hell are people thinking around here?!? We’re up to our danglybits in budget crisis, the state will shut down completely in a week if the legislators don’t correct their cephalo-anal conjucture issues, and the resulting cutoff of funds to higher education will spiral our sorry arses right down the drainpipe to Hell. *headdesk*

Actually, I’ve been near-insane for the last two years, sans details and whining and ranting as I’m not Dooce-ing this, a OMFG stressful time for me in ways that beg manic laughter, hair pulling, and hide-the-weapon. Let’s just say, between you and I (and yes, I realize you is a bigger word than three letters in this case) it’s a damn good thing there has been a hiring freeze here at the Uni., as I’ve been watching the listings that do manage to get through…and the only reason I’ve not run away screaming is the lack in those listings. No, really. I guess the bright thing is I am as close to optimism (as I can manage) re: the new leadership, however. Trying to be happy happy…not quite to joy joy, but I’m making a valiant effort.

So I offer this information, noting that this is in addition to Stress, The Home Edition, to explain that a rather Known job + crap morale = no blogging. I continue to read those I have always followed, but I don’t respond…I figure that living in a perpetual state of well and truly pissed-off does not lend itself to the ability to comment and post anything of relative worth, so I do not. This is the point at which I note the awkwardness of blogging under my own name – I know I’ll see most of y’all in May, after all.

Perhaps after the grand move to WordPress (in progress) I’ll make more of an effort. I’ve been poked to make explanation, so here I am. (Now the poking will cease, yes?) No, haven’t given up on blogging completely, I swear.

Jun 07 2007


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The Big Announcement

Busy. Office nutz. Home nutz (The Grandmother is back in the house), but back in the studio.
Clay good.

I have something to write for Avista. I need to actually post my Congress reflection ramblings (a month late .. yes, I know.) I need to update my online store and put a bunch of mugs and stuff up there. I also need to mow the lawn and do some gardening. HA!

I moved the furniture in my cubicle around. When in doubt, move furniture – I think it’s a gender issue. I’m still organizing, reorganizing, and looking around in amazement at just how much paper I need to stuff in this place. Sheesh. Must begin work on Director’s office…my 1337 organizing skillz in action. BwahahahahaHAHAHA! Poor man….

May 29 2007

A shout-out

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Yo, Anglo-Saxonist cohorts of mine – my dear friend Wingal is dissin’ solo (sans advisor or any other committee members, all of them UK-bound) this summer and has been posting deep Anglo-Saxon-type thoughts and questions.

We know I’m not qualified to address them. Oh hellsyes.

I can think of several of you (and you know who you are, are your ears burning?) who are pinnacles and amazing and brilliant and all…so if you have time (and an inclination to discuss discourse, Wealtheow, thick language, and interesting Beo-stuff) pop over and visit her.

Mar 07 2007

pallets and pallets and pallets

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Programs have arrived – now, for the mailing to begin! *thud*

Feb 12 2007

Open it? Like this?

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