Sep 02 2009

Shout-out to other parents of kids with disabilities

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Four years ago I was asked to join seven other bloggers–parents of kids with a variety of disabilities–to blog in an organized fashion on their behalf.

Every year since then I’ve continued the practice, although solo.

This year I have decided to organize another parents Blog For Kids With Disabilities day (this time in October, due to a variety of unfortunate logistical kerfuffles) to spread awareness, offer advice or support for other parents, and to advocate.

The topic would be yours to decide upon (parenting, education, medical struggles – if you have stories that directly relate to the current health care reform debate that you’ve already related to your representatives, I have no doubt other parents and interested readers would like to hear them), we’d just coordinate the date of posting and include links to each others’ blogs.

I know former/potential bloggers who are concerned that they will not have a full-blown blog set up by that time, and I am happy to post your essays here, if logistics require–the more voices the better!

Please let me know if you’re interested in participating.

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