Feb 12 2009

Head go ‘splodey

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I don’t think I have to describe in detail the explosion after the 1998 article in which Andrew Wakefield published research findings indicating a causational link between MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccines for children causing autism.

It appears that Andrew Wakefield falsified results in his research. It’s not particularly surprising, since the UK’s General Medical Council had issued a notice of disciplinary proceedings against Andrew Wakefield after allegations of (other) serious professional misconduct.

I’ll stop here before I start ranting about falling innoculation rates and the effect on the general population, much less all of the emotional bullshit the parents of autistic children are put through because of his bogus ‘findings’.

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  1. regalos originales Says:

    Can you please post a link to the original article?

  2. Elisabeth Carnell Says:


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