Apr 24 2009

From the mouth of madness

Posted by Lisa in Uncategorized

KALAMAZOO! Less than two weeks! [cue screaming] (oops, that was me. sorry)

My cubicle is FULL of registration packets — and the pile shown is not yet complete! Boxes everywhere!

A few things:
We’re really out of dorm rooms. No, really. SRSLY.

Don’t forget to consult weather.com as you’re packing… and no matter what it says, pack layers anyway. It’s spring, it’s Michigan, and I remind you that we’ve enjoyed Congresses during which it’s both snowed and made it well past 70 degrees. (yes, during the single 5-day period. no, not kidding. SRSLY!!)

Aaaand I’m waaay past insane, at this point. Just so you know.

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