Mar 12 2007

More with the pottery

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More schtuff.

Goofing around with my sgraffito tool. Clear glaze was rather thick and it’s a very strange-looking mug now, alas.
4.25″ tall X 3.75″ rim diameter. I really need to remember to watch the consistency on that glaze.

tart warmer, salt-glazed. 4.5″ tall.

bowl,salt-glazed. interior crackled very nicely! 3″ tall X 8″ rim diameter.

Most of my stuff in this kiln load requires re-fire because some things in certain parts of the kiln didn’t fire properly – storm front came through and dropped the temp in the back at a bad time is what we think. It’s a process that isn’t about human control in many ways, it’s always a surprise, it seems. So I had some things (and many others as well) that had really f-ed up glaze flow, they didn’t look ‘done’ even though all of the cones were down. Oh well.

Mucked around with porcelain for the first time yesterday – a bowl, a vase, and a teabowl. Very different – soft, easier to center, really lovely. I want to see how the surface is different with the different clay body…I saw some amazing things in porcelain come out of the first kiln load.

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