Jul 26 2007


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Ordered, received, watched the fucking hilarious Binder indie The Search for John Gissing.

Excellent reviews from important critic-types all agreeing that it is, indeed, fucking hilarious. In addition to people that matter, I can tell you I have not laughed that hard nor much in a long while (certainly not since the last time someone at the Institute started a sentence with ‘If you have time, could you…’) — as in had to stop drinking beverage for fear of…well, you know. Snerk. SRSLY.

Otherwise…I am (cue scary movie soundtrack) taking a few days of annual leave. If the earth stops spinning, please don’t call me! I mean it!. Not that it’s keeping me from having to go in tomorrow to enter payroll (mmmm…payyyyrollll. DOH!) Other good news: have not yet been talked into giving a paper again this Congress, I’m holding firm. Not. This. Year. I need to begin stalking participants for my session on blogging, however. Oh, and post links and respond to all of the blogs I’ve been following but not commenting in, and everything else a dewy-eyed independent whazzit should be doing. Er, yeah. Hey! This kiln load (as we were loading Tuesday and I still taste the wadding. ugh) we are using soda instead of salt – nod and smile, I promise to stop talking pottery now.

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