Jul 05 2007

Behind, as usual

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You know, it occurred to me that I never posted about the blogging session this year. Bad me.

It was, by design, a mix of different opinions of using blogging (and, in addition, course management software with blogging-like bits since online teaching is growing more common) in teaching and from different levels of experience. This meant that it was a pretty large panel, but it went well, there were many very interesting things discussed, and the idea for next year’s blogging session was one of the topics that threaded through the session.

And so, next year. The thought I had, and tossed at my most excellent co-organizer (the unflappable Shana Worthen), was that this could consist of short presentations with a lot of time for jackjawing and questions (a departure from the roundtable, but without missing the best benefits of the discussion). I need to begin contacting folks – if you have names to suggest or you fit the bill please contact me, I don’t assume to know everything out there and who is doing it (really, even if the retired Director called me Madame Lisa Who Knows All – I don’t. I promise.)

Weblogs and the Academy: Professional and Community Outreach through Internet Presence

The blogger meetup was an enjoyable way to start a morning (seriously, as if I would have anything good to say about the early morning!) and there was so many people that we were scrambling for space. Another hearty Yay – I don’t network with any skill whatsoever, so I really enjoy these relaxed events.

Otherwise – I have a lot to say about the fun of interim years and searches, but I won’t. I would have to take some Tylenol just thinking about it, actually.

I’m considering adding ‘the long suffering’ to my business cards…

So I’m back working in the studio – loading the salt kiln, unloading, bitching about exploding wadding, dremeling out the crap that ended up fused to the glaze in my bowls when wadding went ka-blooey in the too-quickly-brought-up kiln, and then putting the pieces in again. Wash, rinse, repeat. And I call this my ‘sane time’…I’m certifiable, clearly.

Saner still was leaving the madness behind for a near-week and wandering my way down to visit a friend, road trip with her to attend the wedding of another medievalist, visit my sister and fam, and generally attempt relaxing around adults and the random and often amusing discussion that goes with that. Nice change from my regular role as harridan. Good beer, good friends, good conversation, good food…even decent weather through most of it. A thing of beauty to behold. I think eventually my shoulders relaxed despite the many, many hours car-bound. They’re re-knotting, now, but I swear they did relax.

And now…back to the chore of digging-out the desk.

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