Apr 30 2007

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Blogger meet-up

Me, myself, and wine will host a small gathering with friends as smitten with the outstanding olfactory concoctions of Miss Beth and the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab peeps. If I’m not already in contact with you and you’re a BPAL fan, let me know. (any excuse for wine better than the wine hour fare, eh?)

Cheddarvision LOL

Apr 26 2007


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Endlessly behind. On keeping up with my favorite bloggers, on the 1,000,001 things I have to do, and, of course, on blogging (yeah, you haven’t noticed, admit it.) I think I need to read Seven ways to find the time to blog
and get a grip.
Of course, I also need to work out, eat right, parent my children with less volume, and give my house a thorough cleaning. And there’s the Congress paper that’s not currently writing itself. argh and ugh.

I hope their amps go to 11: Spinal Tap to reunite at Live Earth concert
We’ve got Armadillos in our trousers. It’s really quite frightening.

Archaeology world tour:
Bulgaria: Marble Phrygian Goddess Statue Discovered in Bulgaria
Hungary: Neolithic burial site yields unique archaeological find
Greece: 2 000-year-old tombs unearthed
Iran: Iran opens dam that archaeologists fear will harm famed Persepolis and other ancient sites

Apr 20 2007


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Not blogging VATech. Not going there.

Congress is eating my brain.
Too much to blather about, too little time for blathering.

Anyone planning a blogger meetup at Congress?
(I’m google calendaring this year, if y’all want read-rights, jus’ holler)

Not up on news stories, I’m behind. Here’s one:
Archeologists Discover Medieval Jewish Bath in Erfurt

Mar 07 2007

pallets and pallets and pallets

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Programs have arrived – now, for the mailing to begin! *thud*