May 08 2008

hic sunt dracones

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Ah, the Congress.

First day is (nearly) complete – the last sessions are happening as I type. I’ve made it through the traditional afternoon/evening of All Hell Breaks Loose, followed by All Hell Breaks Loose II: A New Day. It’s good to get the completely insane and utterly unexpected crises out of the way early, it makes those following crises that much more enjoyable for their mundanity.

I miss many folks I had hoped I’d be seeing (but were waylaid by a variety of last-minute Dire Events), but have seen many others wander past my central vantage point, and I look forward to seeing those Johnny-come-latelies who couldn’t be arsed to get here before late Friday (insert put-upon sigh here.) I managed to get out late last night to be social (woo! No, seriously – I usually end up eating alone if I need to utilize the cafeteria, so social is definitely worthy of a woo!)

I, of course, don’t have much opportunity to see sessions until tomorrow when things are calm enough that I’m not too afeared of leaving my intrepid grad. students alone with only the information binders to keep them company. I’m looking forward to a Societas Magica session tomorrow afternoon (Divine Names and Traditions of Use). I’m still on duty as Terry Jones is giving his paper, alas (his last paper overlapped my own session, much to my chagrin – I have terrible luck), and I’m hemming and hawing over whether I want to poke my head in at the evening medieval video gaming extravaganza MEMO has scheduled – but the real fun is Saturday afternoon, when I’m chairing Medievalists in Cyberspace followed by the session I co-organized with the wonderful Shana Worthen, Weblogs and the Academy: Professional and Community Outreach through Internet Presence (here’s hoping I’m reasonably cogent, I passed crazy yesterday morning!) (Especially since I’m blogging them! Take notes, woman!)

More commentary this weekend – later, taters.

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